Quality Assurance & Standards of Service

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As a company involved with continual improvement and development, this is what you can expect from Kelly Park Limited:

  • Respect your dignity and independence.
  • Give you privacy.
  • Offer you choice.
  • Help you live as full a life as possible
  • Respect your rights.
  • Ensure that you are not subject to discrimination in respect to age, gender, race or sexuality.

We continually consult with our Service Users and Home Care Support Workers through informal interviews and questionnaires. Additionally our Home Care Facilitators constantly monitor Home Care Support Workers performances to ensure they meet your requirements.

The Quality Standards of Service that you can expect from this Company are:


If we are unable to provide you with your usual Home Care Support Workers, we will let you know in advance and ensure you know the name of the replacement worker.

Dignity and Respect

Home Care Support Workers employed by this Company will treat you with care, politeness and respect.


We provide your service within the days and times specified on your care plan. If for whatever reason your Home Care Support Worker is unable to arrive at the agreed time you will be notified and alternative arrangements made.


Home Care Support Workers employed by this Company will not divulge details on your personal circumstances without your agreement, unless failure to do so would put you at risk. Home Care Support Workers found to be in breach of this code might be subject to the Company Disciplinary procedure.

Information and Involvement

This Company will provide you with information about the care we are to provide and its costs. You will also be provided with information that will enable you to complain if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the care provided to you.


We are committed to provide a responsive and flexible service wherever possible to meet your assessed needs. This may include visits on weekends, public holidays, early mornings and evenings and urgent situations whenever possible. We aim to visit service users at agreed times, however due to the fact your home care worker is mobile he/she may arrive within 15 minutes either way of the specified time.


We will tell you about our charging policy. We will write in advance to you if there are any changes to your charges.