Complaint Procedure

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If you have an enquiry, concern or complaint:

Wheelchair user

The company takes all complaints seriously, and will investigate them fully before taking any action. Our complaints procedure takes into account the needs of service users and care staff.

Please note that complaint contacts and information vary depending on each local authority. Please take the time to read the relevant local authority's complaints procedure here: Durham ~ South Tyneside ~ Gateshead (all download in pdf format)

The complaint should be directed to the Manager. All reported complaints either verbal or written would be acknowledged within five working days. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint and to provide a full response to the complainant within 28 days.

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A record will be kept of all complaints, investigations and subsequent actions. This will be impartial and accurate.
The COMPLAINTS RECORD FORM – DC01 provides a format for the recording of complaints and subsequent investigations and action, and will be used in all cases. Investigations will be thorough, impartial, and will, where appropriate, take account of all the people involved. Conclusions will never be reached before hearing an independent account from everyone present at any incident.

Where any subsequent action is deemed necessary, the Manager's advice and consent will be given if the complaint involves any member of staff, if the policies of the company are affected, or if a second opinion or advice is required for any other reason.

If the Manager is unable to investigate the complaint, either because of its seriousness or any other reason, then the Responsible Individual will be informed, and he / she will carry out the investigation.

Note: The current regulations require the company to report incidents involving the police to the Commission of Social Care Inspection. If a complaint remains unresolved, then it may be passed on to the Commission of Social Care Inspection, but this will not usually occur until internal procedures have been exhausted without reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

The Commission of Social Care Inspection will follow their own Complaints Procedure.
Commission for Social Care Inspection
Darlington Area Office
No. 1 Hopetown Studios
Brinkburn Road

Telephone: 01325 371720
Fax: 01325 371766

If a complaint still remains unresolved, then it should be passed on to the Ombudsman, but this should not usually occur until the above mentioned internal and external procedures have been exhausted without reaching a satisfactory conclusion.