Acceptance of Gifts & Legacies

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It is this company’s policy that staff should not accept gifts, gratuities or bequests from Service Users, their family, relatives or friends.

  1. Staff must explain politely to Service Users, family and friends that it is against company policy for them to accept gifts or gratuities for the care services given.
  2. If the Service Users, relative or friend is insistent upon offering such gifts or gratuities they should be politely but firmly directed to the Manager who will explain that it is the policy of this company not to accept such gifts, though the thought behind the gesture is much appreciated.
  3. The same principle will apply to bequests made in Service User’s wills. If a staff member has prior knowledge of a Service User’s intention to make a bequest, then he/she should attempt to dissuade the Service User from doing so. Such instances must be recorded in the Service User’s notes in the event that this request is ignored and the bequest is ultimately made – see 4. Below.
  4. Should it transpire that a staff member is bequeathed a sum of money or a specific gift from the estate or a Service User, and then the staff member should report it immediately to his/her immediate Home Care Co-Ordinator. If necessary, legal advice will be obtained on his/her behalf and where relevant any records that were previously made of the Service User being asked not to make such a bequest must be provided as mitigating evidence.