Home Security

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Access to your Home

Caring touch

If your Home Care Support Worker arrives and is unable to gain access into your home they will follow the following procedure:-
  1. The Home Care support Worker will contact the Company.
  2. The Company will then try to contact the Service User by telephone.
  3. If no answer - The Company will telephone the Service Users next of kin.
  4. If no answer - The Company will telephone Care line if connected.
  5. If Care line receive no answer they will despatch a warden.
In some circumstances where the care line system is not installed in the Service User’s home and we are unable to contact the Service User and their next of kin, we will contact the police to gain entry to the Service User’s home.

Key Holding

In the event of a Service User being unable to lock or unlock their own doors we would need to hold keys for that Service User’s home.

In these circumstances the Service User or their next of kin / representative needs to sign a release form giving us permission to hold keys to the property.

In the event of needing additional keys due to the extent of the care plan the Service User will be expected to provide extra keys to the company at their expense. Upon the termination of the service all keys will be returned to the Service User or their next of kin.

All keys will be tagged with a coded identity which is only identified by our Home Care Support Workers.